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An integrated approach to the use of 21st century tools

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Go to I Can Statements for each grade level

An integrated approach to the use of 21st century tools

An adaptation from New Hampshire’sICT Literacy Standards for K-12 Students


Develop knowledge of ethical, responsible use of technology tools in a society that relies heavily on knowledge of information in its decision-making.



Use 21st century tools to develop technical proficiency at a foundational knowledge level in:

  1. Hardware;
  2. Software applications;
  3. Networks; and
  4. Elements of digital technology



Become proficient in the use of 21st century tools to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information within the context of the core subjects of:

  1. Reading;
  2. Mathematics;
  3. English and language arts;
  4. Science;
  5. Social studies, including civics, government, economics, history, and geography;
  6. Arts; and
  7. World languages



Create digital portfolios which:

  1. Address the following components:
    1. Basic operations and concepts;
    2. Social, ethical, and human issues;
    3. Technology productivity tools;
    4. Technology communications tools;
    5. Technology research tools; and
    6. Technology problem solving and decision-making tools
    7. Represent proficient, ethical, responsible use of 21st century tools within the context of the core subjects; and
    8. Include, at a minimum, such digital artifacts as:
      1. Standardized tests;
      2. Observation;
      3. Student work; and
      4. Comments describing a student’s reflection on his/her work.



Use 21st century tools to develop cognitive proficiency in:

  1. Literacy;
  2. Numeracy;
  3. Problem solving;
  4. Decision making; and
  5. Spatial / visual literacy


I Can Statements for Technology


 clip art from amazing-animations.com  Students in GradesK-8


Based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Standards and

National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS*S)




Grade 1


Grade 2


K-Core and Cognitive



K-Tech Foundations



1 Core and Cognitive

1 Ethical

1 Portfolio

1 Tech Foundations


2 Core and Cognitive

2 Ethical

2 Portfolio

2 Tech Foundations


Grades 3 & 4


Grades 5 & 6


Grades 7 & 8


3-4 Core and Cognitive

3-4 Ethical

3-4 Portfolio

3-4 Tech Foundations



5-6 Core and Cognitive

5-6 Ethical

5-6 Portfolio

5-6 Tech Foundations


7-8 Core and Cognitive

7-8 Ethical

7-8 Portfolio

7-8Tech Foundations




Technology Scope and Sequence K-12

Verbs for Technology







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