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Online Libraries

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This page will provide you with a list of some great libraries / encyclopedias. With these resources, you will have access to the world's knowledge including,   rare historical documents , manuscripts, journals, maps...etc. right from the comforts of your room. Share them with your friends, students and teachers!
from http://www.educatorstechnology.com/2012/11/555-libraries-every-teacher-must-know.html?goback=.gde_147237_member_182176136

1- Internet Public Library

Internet Public Library ( IPL ) is a great resource for educators. It has a wealth of knowledge organized by topic. It also provides special collections, magazines and newspapers.

2-  Awesome Library


This is another great online library that provides directories, text books, documents and many more. It has a user friendly interface and is very simple to browse.

3- Library of Congress

The Library of Congress offers a wide variety of online databases and Internet resources to the public via the Web, including its own online catalog. In addition, LC provides an easy-to-use gateway for searching other institutions' online catalogs and extensive links to resources on the Internet.

4- Internet History Project

This is a real treasure trove of rare historical documents and books covering a wide range of historical periods and events from the ancient and medieval world to the modern one. Students can browse through its content to find materials relevant to their courses.

5- Art Cyclopedia


 When it comes to searching for anything about Art, nothing will top Art Cyclopedia. It provides resources and materials about the world artists, masterpieces, museums, art history and many more.

6- World Digital Library

This is a fantastic library that features  resources in different formats and not only the written text, you will find materials in the form of recordings, photos, maps, and videos . You can also conduct searches in it based on the geographical location you select  and using the language you want.

7- Project Gutenberg

This is also a great library of ebooks and other searchable data. It includes thousands of free epub and Kindle books that you can either read or download.

8- Free Classic Reader


This is a great platform for those of you looking for classic fiction, non fiction, short stories, poetry, and many more resources.

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