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iPad Users

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Photo Source: zdnet.com via Rigor on Pinterest



So, you have an iPad and want to get the most out of it.  Me, too!


 Please let me know if you find a great site or document that I can add and share with all other iPad'ers!

 Email me at pmparten@gmail.com


Boards you should check out!

(here is a link for an overall Pinterest Board list for iPads in the Classroom!)

Penina Rybak MA/CCC-SLP, Socially Speaking LLC (specializes in social skills development for young children with special needs, particularly those with Autism.)
Lauren S. Enders, MA, CCC-SLP (SLP/Augmentative Communication Consultant/Assistive Technology Consultant. Various iPad boards from apps to accessories for iPads)

Worth a look!

Teaching with "App"itude - great current blog with Kami Butterfield - a third grade teaher in Baxter Springs, KS.


Ask a Tech Teacher  Tons of subject level apps.  One of the pages has rigorous math apps


Teach Outside the Box - a blog by Brooke Brown, a National board Certified Teacher as an Early Childhood Generalist, who currently lives in Oklahoma serving as a Gifted Resource Coordinator for early childhood students, with STEM as one area that she teaches.








Apps, Links for iPad Users:


20 Keyboard Shortcuts!

11 Timesavers when using an iPad


Teachers Pay Teachers Tons of iPad lessons and ideas from teachers!


TeacherKit is an app you can get across platforms, for your desktop, laptop, or mobile device!  And they sync together!  You can Log student attendance, add behavior notes for students, record students' grades, and create reports!

PowerPoint presentations for your iPad!  I have installed this free app and it works great!  All your fonts and animations remain in tact!

iPad Learning Studio A google docs presentation showing educational uses for apps!


Kathy Schrock's Bloomin'Apps Everything in one place!  Each of the images has clickable hotspots and includes suggestions for 

Google, iPad, Android, and Web 2.0 applications to support each of the levels of Bloom's Revised Taxonomy.

                    Kathy Schrock's iPads in the Classroom

Kathy Schrock's iPads in the Classroom - lots of activities, guides, and apps!


Free and Low Cost PreK and Kindergarten Apps for iPad




Apps in Education - an older blog, but with many apps that have withstood the test of time!

     Story Telling Apps

     Language Arts Apps

     PE/Health Lifestyle Apps

     History/Geography  Apps

     Science Apps

     Music Apps

     Art Apps





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