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Lesson Templates

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Here are several Jeopardy games, lessons and


templates for you to use or get ideas from!

Don't forget:  If you have a lesson you would like me to help create a PowerPoint or Word activity for, just let me know and I will help!



Jeopardy: Fabulous Fractions Jeopardy Shapes Multiply Fractions

Animated ABC

cute background for a PowerPoint Presentation

Jeopardy English (4th Grade) Jeopardy Shapes 2 Password Blank Jeopardy
Jeopardy Science (4th & 5th grade) Math Flash Place Value Body Systems
Jeopardy Science Part 2 (4th & 5th grade) Mean, Median, Mode                      Problem Solving I                     
Problem Solving II                 
Dinosaur Facts Sequence


(template for a research assignment)

Elements of Style


addition and subtraction equation practice

All About Me 


Class Rules 

Great idea for Beginning of Year!

Jeopardy Computer Terms

Math Measure I

Great for measurement connections!

How to

template for student How To... assignments



Math equations step by step problem demonstration


Inventors & Inventions

template for student assignments


Solar System

Background to use for a PowerPoint presentation


Solar System 2



4th Grade

taken from Writers Express


5th Grade

taken from Writers Express


template for multiple choice with sounds for wrong and right answers

Ready for School

Background to use for a PowerPoint presentation


Lesson with a fun poem to help students remember the rule

Science Experiment


Something's Fishy

cute background to use for a PowerPoint presentation





great for the beginning of school year!


background to use for a PowerPoint presentation

Life Cycle Template

Dog and Frog writing


Welcome 2

template for your beginning of the school year info

Earth cutaway Earth Cutaway 2 Exotic Animal List

Function Machine


Author's Purpose

 review for Persuade, Inform, and Entertain

Jeopardy Labs

Making Jeopardy games online, without using PowerPoint!


A matching activity

Function Machine 2

Math (if you liked the first Function Machine, more of the same!)

ACE Reading Template



ACE Math template 4 Square Template  


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