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Here are some Science Web Pages for you!


Thanks to Lizabeth and Miss Martin for this suggested site:

Engineering Games and Projects


Some sites have great ideas for science fair projects!



 Have you ever wanted to ask a scientist a question, but don't know one personally? Do you wonder what being a scientist really means, or what kinds of people become scientists? Well here is your chance to get some answers! Here is a program featuring Stanford scientists from different fields, backgrounds, and places, who are here to answer all of your questions! 

Stanford Science Penpals hosts Ask a Stanford Scientist, connecting 6th - 12th grade classrooms to Stanford scientists.  Their goal is to expose kids to diverse scientific careers, answer science questions, and share their love of science! 

Teachers, check out the website From the bottom of any scientist’s page, students can ask them a question (it’s all on google forms), see the questions that have been asked and their answers, or sign up to hear when answers get posted (teachers will probably want that one). It usually takes scientists a few weeks (up to 6 weeks sometimes) to answer questions and get them published on the website.


Watch step-by-step as NASA gets the Space Shuttle to launch!  Cool video!