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Other Math Sites

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Math is Totally Awesome!

Here are some sites for you to check out for math ideas!

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  • MathCasts Library  This is another wiki someone made with all types of resources for math!
  • Johnnie's Math Page has 1000s of great math activities, games, and interactive math tools for you AND your students!
  • Math Tool Chest  You're going to absolutely love this game, in English AND Spanish!!
  • A+ Math Kids love this site! Teachers love it, too!  You can create flashcards and worksheets, as well as strengthen skills through games!
  • IXL Math Practice makes perfect, and IXL makes math practice fun. With unlimited math questions in more than 1,000 topics, students improve their skills and confidence and always have new challenges to meet. 
  • Kids Bank is a great site for Money units.  It takes you on a tour through interest, checking and savings, and other banking related items!
  • Cool Math 4 Teachers a ton of information for you, the teacher!
  • Math for really little kids!  Check this out for preK and kindergarteners, or those who just need to reinforce the very basics!
  • MathLibs!  Very fun site!

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