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Language Arts for Kids!

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Here are some great places for you to go if you love to write stories or need a little help with classroom assignments!


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  • Magnetic Writing This is a fun site that lets you create poetry or stories using magnetic stripped words!  Check it out!  You can even submit your favorite writing when you're done!
  • Spelling City Need help with your spelling?  Need to review for a spelling test?  Here is a great place to help you!  And it's fun!  Great for vocabulary, too!
  • Transitions!  I bet you've heard your teacher say that you need to have smooth transitions in your writing.  Here is a site that helps you understand them, and a huge listing of different transitions you can use in your writing!
  • Know Play Need a rhyming word?  How about a definition or a synonym?  This is a great site for references of these things and more!!  Great helper!
  • Harper Collins Childrens Books This has some great things, including contests you can enter and watching videos of favorite books!
  • Learning Vocabulary Fun! This is a great place to go for Word games that will help you build up your English vocabulary!

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