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Language Arts

Page history last edited by Mrs. Parten 11 years, 4 months ago

Once again, just a listing of some helpful websites!  Let me know if you have any you would like me to add!

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  • Step Up to Writing  Here is a good introduction to the writing process I prefer to use!  They even use it in college courses!  (Ms. Henson and Ms. Saenz have seen this modeled in their classrooms by me!)
  • ReadWriteThink is my absolute FAVORITE language arts resource!  Figurative language, transitions, and all things grammar!  It is amazing!
  • Magnetic Writing Do you have those cute little words that are magnets?  This is an online version of that!  Poems, stories.... Let the kids create!
  • Transitions practice!  This is a good online story you can use with your projector and do as a whole class as you study/review transitions in writing!
  • Transition Words Another great listing for kids!
  • Know Play This is a terrific site for referencing of atlas, dictionary, quotes, rhyming, thesaurus... and MORE! You just have to see it! (there is also a link to Recipes if you like to cook!)
  • Fast Phonics!  is a free tutorial that uses cartoons and sounds with audio narration and clickable words to teach phonics. This method teaches just basic phonics concepts without struggle or frustration and includes rules for vowels, consonants, and blends along with practice pages.
  • Funschool Games to strengthen their Language Arts skills!
  • Story Place: The Children's Digital Library in English AND Spanish!
  • Guide to grammar and writing
  • Grammar Bytes tons of PowerPoint presentations/lessons and handouts to go with them!
  • Adventures in Literature  A great place for links to authors' web sites. This site also has book project ideas and genre and literature web links.
  • Discovery Guide for Educators A great place for lesson plans, bulletin board ideas, and clip art!
  • Learning Vocabulary Fun!  This is a great site and includes word games to build up English Vocabulary, especially good for ESL students! (thanks deborah!)
  • Writing Prompts Thank you Keenan Hart for this wonderful collection!  This website is a fantastic resource for all types of writing prompts!  It has many language arts writing connections, such as Punctuation and Grammar Guides!  A MUST HAVE for Upper Elementary and Middle School as well as ELL students!!!
  • My students were given the assignment of choosing an action verb, then they used Microsoft Paint for a background, and Pivot Stickfigure Animation to put their verb into action: http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=113723

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