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Other Great Websites

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This is just going to be a list of terrific sites!  I hope you find some you can use in your Quest for Integration of Technology!

Please let me know of any great sites you use to integrate technology and I can add them here to share with all!

  • Spelling City This is a great place for students to write and review their spelling words!

  • More Graphic Organizers This collection is tremendous!  Interactive - use with your projector in your lessons! They include Teaching Notes with lessons and tips!

  • Puzzlemaker a free puzzlemaker program with lots of choices:  mazes, word searches, math squares, crosswords, and much more!

  • Teacher Files is a great place for lesson plans, templates, educational clip art, and more!

  • Apples4theTeacher is a great resource for all subjects.  Games, lessons, arts and crafts!

Discovery Guide for Educators A great place for lesson plans, bulletin board ideas, and clip art!
  • Teach-nology worksheets, lesson plans, rubric and puzzle makers, webquests,and monthly theme ideas!  Great resource!

  • Intervention Central Response-to-Intervention resources available to educators at no cost.  Includes Behavior interventions as well as academic! (Thanks Christy for this site tip!)

  • Chart Dog  Very Cool online tool to create your data charts!! (Thanks Christy for this site tip!)

SBA  Resources Includes released test items for grades 3-9 from the 2005 & 2006 SBA, a questions tool for developing quizzes and other helpful websites and resources.
  • Mr. Nussbaum Wow!  This has a little of EVERYTHING!  Great resources! (Thanks Deborah for this site tip!)

  • Survey Monkey Have something you want to survey a group of people for information?  Survey Monkey is an easy way to do this!!

  • VIRTUAL DICE! You can choose up to 12 faces for your dice and use them with your projector!

  • Busy Teacher's Cafe OMG!  You have to look at this site!  Things are organized for sponge activities and more by month!!  Check out the "Mini Offices" section!

  • Teachers Helping Teachers Another fantastic site with tons of resources, from ice breakers, survival kits, and lesson plans + so much more!

Timelines!  At this site, students can create some amazing timelines!  Browse some of the ones already completed to get ideas!
  • Translate Text!  Ever try to figure out the lingo of a text?  This is a fun site to help!

  • GotBrainy! Wow!  What a new twist on learning vocabulary words!

  • Sight Words Buddy! This site has many things, even beyond just this part, which is designed to help with sight words!  The site is actually Quiz-Tree and has all subjects, including Music!

  • Dolch Words! This site has some amazing things if you use Dolch word lists to strengthen high-frequency words!

  • POWERPOINT HEAVEN!!!  Pete's PowerPoint Station - This site has every type of power point you could ever want!  This link goes to a theme and topic listing.  Why create your own if someone else has already done it?  Or what I do, is get some great ideas to create one for my classroom lessons!


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