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Helpful Websites

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Here are some websites I recommend for you to use to integrate technology into your lessons! These are the ones I mentioned in our January Inservice Presentation!

Some are things to use with the kids, some are for you to use when designing lessons for them!

Just click on the logo and it will take you to the site!

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This is the website that you can save all of your favorite web sites to and get to them regardless of which computer you are at!  AWESOME!  Let me know if you create an account and we can link together and you can see all of MY bookmarked sites, too!  Whenever I find an ELL one, I use the tag of ELL so you can find them easily!


Trackstar is a FANTASTIC place to use or create safe places for kids to go on the Internet for your assignments.  There are thousands of teacher-made lessons already done, so simply look up the keyword or keywords and take a look at what is already developed.  I personally like to look and get ideas from them, then create my own with the best of the best!  Mrs. Gonzales's 6th graders are already doing these with me in the computer lab!



Voicethreads are AMAZING to use and have the kids interact with you on the computer.  Students can answer by recording their voice, telephoning, typing, or even using a webcam!  Check out some of the awesome lessons already created!  Students can even "doodle" if you are wanting them to identify or explain something in a picture.  Since you are creating it, it can be in English or Spanish!


Rubistar is GREAT to use to create your classroom rubrics!  Yes, you can do it in English or Spanish!!



Glogster will really get your kids EXCITED!  Picture a poster, only better!  Kids can create a poster that includes sounds and videos, as well as pictures!  Let the kids play with it, and then THEY can teach YOU!  Bet you'll like it!  View some of the glogsters already created for classroom lessons and ideas!


TeacherTube is a great place for lesson ideas and basic how-to's for just about ANYTHING you do in your class, technology or not!  Go ahead, try it out!  Imagine the excitement of your students creating something that you can put on the Internet!  Think they might try a little harder??



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